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Election Postmortem
A Center of One's Own
Abortion/Breast Cancer Link?
The Russian Wives Club


From Gadfly to Nobel Peace Prize
DemocraShe in Northern Ireland
Women's Film in Palestine
Networking Corner

Cover Story
Women of the Year
Jersey Girls | Jessica Seigel
Samanta Power | Catherine Orenstein
Betty Dukes | Ellen Hawkes
Saudatu Mahdi | Stephanie Nolen
Kathy Najimy | Ellen Snortland
Maxine Waters | Lisa Armstrong
Lisa Fernandez | Michele Kort

More Features

Women, Democracy and Hope | Kathy Sheridan
The End of Feminism's Third Wave | Lisa Jervis
The Fuck-You 50s | Suzanne Braun Levine
Rocking the Cradle of Jazz | Sherrie Tucker
Cheers and Cringes: The Year in Review
Women Who Made a Difference


Back to the Kitchen
Decoding anti-feminist writer Caitlin Flanagan | Hillary Frey

Excerpts from a Family Medical Dictionary | Rebecca Brown

It was a Good Year for Dreams | Cortney Davis
the seahorse as transubstantiation
|Quan Barry

Activists, actors, academics, athletes, writers and a great chef

Book Reviews
Patricia Cohen on Marilynne Robinson's Gilead; Jenoyne Adams on Michel Wallace's Dark Designs and Visual Culture; Debra Spark on Cynthia Ozick's Heir to the Glimmering World; Bernadette Murphy on Mary Gordon's Pearl; Valerie Miner on Alice Munro's Runaway

Plus: Winter Must-Read List

We Must Frame the Debate - Now! | Donna Brazile

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MUST READ | winter 2004

Click here for book reviews from the winter issue.

Telling Tales
Edited by Nadine Gordimer
Picador, December 2004

A collection of short fiction from writers such as Margaret Atwood, Chinua Achebe, Salman Rushdie, Susan Sontag and others. The entire proceeds of this book’s sales go to benefit HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment in southern Africa.

Open House: Of Family, Friends, Food, Piano Lessons and the Search for a Room of My Own
By Patricia J. Williams
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, November 2004

A delightful array of observations, reminiscences, anecdotes and commentaries by renowned columnist Patricia Williams. She relates stories about the many facets of her life — as a lawyer, scholar, writer, African American, descendant of slaves, mother, and single, fifty-something woman.

Porn Studies
Edited by Linda Williams
Duke University Press, September 2004

This collection of very accessible and fascinating essays links pornography to the avant-garde and modern sex scandals, tracing its roots from early stag films and making a connection between war machinery and the pinup girls of WWII.

Autopsy of an Engine and Other Stories from the Cadillac Plant
By Lolita Hernandez
Coffee House Press, September 2004

Author Hernandez worked at a Detroit Cadillac plant for 21 years, observing everything from the women on the timing chain line to specific characters like Abbie, re-created in this novel-in-stories. Her writing is lyrically reminiscent of Octavio Paz and Isabel Allende.

Mistress of Modernism: The Life of Peggy Guggenheim
By Mary V. Dearborn
Houghton Mifflin, September 2004

A complete story of the ultimate self-made woman. Dearborn’s incredible access to the Guggenheim estate allowed for an in-depth, fascinating portrait of this rags-to-riches art-world maven.

Legends 2: Women Who Have Changed the World Through the Eyes of Great Women Writers
Edited by Kirsten and John Miller
New World Library, October 2004

In a follow-up to 1998’s photo and essay book Legends, this sequel includes many more influential women writers on legendary women, such as Gail Sheehy on Hillary Clinton, Claudia Dreyfuss on Toni Morrison, Susan Orlean on Joan Didion, Roseanne Cash on Patsy Cline, and Patricia Bosworth on Diane Arbus.

Philosophical Writings: Simone de Beauvoir
Edited by Margaret A. Simons
University of Illinois Press, December 2004

This collection includes new translations and newly discovered writings of de Beauvoir that challenge the assumption that she was merely an echoing protégé of Sartre. Here are her own ideas, and this collection continues to prove her an autonomous philosopher of renown.

Liberating Paris
By Linda Bloodworth Thomason
William Morrow, September 2004

A not-to-be-missed, witty debut novel about the South from the acclaimed creator of television shows such as Designing Women and Evening Shade.

Honored Guest
By Joy Williams
Alfred A. Knopf, October 2004

The first story collection in over a decade from the author, these 12 stories about death in the family and loss, set all over North and South America, are written in a darkly comic style.

The Coronary Garden
By Ann Townsend
Sarabande Books, January 2005

With beautiful visuals inspired by nature, this collection of poetry centers on the theme of the human heart as both life-giving organ and metaphorical agent of passion, especially within the poet.

The Seas
By Samantha Hunt
MacAdam/Cage, November 2004

This debut novel centers on the tidal shifts present within a small coastal town, and is narrated by a dreamy, yet resilient, young girl who was left by a father and neglected by a mourning mother.

Grassroots: A Field Guide for Feminist Activism
By Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, January 2005

Baumgardner and Richards answer the oft-posed question “What can I do?” in this collection of writing, resources and instruction. They tackle everything from speaking out to friends to starting a revolution in this activists’ handbook.


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