Here is the latest news from Afghanistan: In late June, three Afghan women were killed and 13 more were wounded by a bomb that exploded on a bus filled with female election workers. The Taliban claimed responsibility.

Once again, the Taliban are targeting women with brutal violence. And once again, the media is failing to report what is happening to women in Afghanistan .

You can help change this today.

Ms. magazine wants to send a team of experienced international journalists to Afghanistan to document the real story of what is happening to women there right now. Opium is flooding the country and making its way through the world’s heroin markets to streets and cities everywhere. The warlords running the country are determined to prevent women from participating in free elections. You see, the Afghan women on that bus were registering women voters. Now, the United Nations says that all female registration teams in the eastern, southeastern, and southern regions of Afghanistan have been suspended.

We cannot allow women to be sent back to the darkest days.

To get the real story out, Ms. magazine needs your help. Our goal is to raise $50,000 in the next 10 days for The Women of Afghanistan Investigative Fund.

Time is short and we must move quickly. While presidential elections are set for September, parliamentary elections have been postponed until April. Unless women can safely register and vote, these elections will be a sham. The Ms. team will join women election workers on the ground, interview the rural women still fearfully covered in the burqa, and find out just who is allowing the militias and warlords to dominate the country’s agenda. We will publish the results of our investigation in Ms. magazine and distribute our report to national opinion makers.

To help kick off the campaign we’ve recruited a $10,000 gift for our Afghanistan project and the Ms. Women of Afghanistan Investigative Fund.

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Will you send the largest contribution you can? As a special contributor to the Women of Afghanistan Investigative Fund, you will get the first e-mail reports directly from our teams in Kandahar and Kabul . Click here to contribute or call 1-866-444-3652 if you want to give by check. All online donations are secure transactions.

For Equality,

Elaine Lafferty
Editor in Chief
Ms. Magazine

Eleanor Smeal

President, Feminist Majority Foundation
Publisher, Ms. Magazine


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