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Paid Family Leave - It's About Time | 7.18.07
Ms. Money Editor Martha Burk looks at a new bill in Congress that would help bring the U.S. up to par with other industrialized nations when it comes to family leave.

Ms. on the Environment | 5.29.07
In celebration of Earth Day and the upcoming anniversary of Rachel Carson's birthday on May 27 (she would have been 100 this year!), Ms. is highlighting environmental content from the past 35 years of the magazine.

Just Give Us the Numbers | 4.11.07
As we approach Equal Pay Day (April 24), fair pay's still 24 cents away.

Do Something Useful for the Majority | 4.4.07
Passing the Women's Equality Amendment would be a real legacy for the new Congress.

The Fragility of Darfur | 3.27.07
Human rights leader Sima Samar calls the world to account over the situation in the Sudan.

Women's History - Still Being Written | 3.9.07
Advocates of women's rights have a lot to celebrate this Women's History Month. Here and abroad, women are making strides on terrain both old and new.

How Bad is Best? | 2.6.07
Two phone calls this week, one from a liberal magazine, and one from an organization representing female executives, were asking questions about two sides of the same issue: "Best" lists for working women.

Thousands Gather for Iraq War Protest in Washington, DC | 1.31.07
Peace activists gathered from across the country in Washington, DC on Saturday to protest the war in Iraq and the President's new plan to send more American troops.

Reflections on Nancy Pelosi | 1.16.07
Pat Schroeder and Alison Friedman Reflect on Nancy Pelosi.

The Feminist Game Plan | 12.15.06
Ms. Money Editor Martha Burk's new column looks at the women's agenda for the new Congress.

2006 Election Coverage | 11.17.06
The 2006 election was a watershed for women. Here is a round-up of Ms. 2006 election coverage.

Teen Workplace Harassment & the Foley Scandal – The Untold Story | 10.19.06
The partisan game of “gotcha” politics is in full swing with the Mark Foley scandal occupying center stage. Unfortunately, in this political drama that has overtaken Washington, an issue of critical importance has been overlooked.

OK, Warren, Take Your Own Advice | 10.12.06
In her most recent column, Ms. Money Editor Martha Burk takes on sex discrimination in corporate America, challenging Warren Buffet and his colleagues to let women into the "all-male team" that makes up the highest levels of business.

Q&A: Misogyny by Jack Holland | 10.05.06
Ms. speaks with the wife and daughter of author Jack Holland (now deceased) about why he chose to tackle women-hating with his last book - and why most publishers wouldn't touch it.

Equality - Or Erosion of Progress? | 8.21.06
Quick - what do we celebrate on August 26? If your answer is "uh-h-h," you're not alone. On this year's Equality Day, Ms. Money Editor and author Martha Burk examines the current state of women's status around the globe.

Ms. Coverage of the International AIDS Conference | 8.18.06
Ms. correspondents Joanne Omang and Sally Ethelston attended the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto, a week-long conference dedicated to discussing breakthroughs and roadblocks on the path to slowing the AIDS epidemic worldwide. Omang and Ethelston discuss the findings of the conference from a feminist perspective.

Summer Reading Special! | 7.26.06
Whether you're packing for vacation or looking for something to read during your summer commutes, recent reviews from Ms. magazine can help point you in new and exciting directions!

Women - Declare Your Independence | 6.23.06
Ms. Money Editor Martha Burk examines the "Mommy Wars" and the division of unpaid labor in American households.

Commentaries from Donna Brazile | 6.21.06
Donna Brazile is a regular contributor to the "Backtalk" section of Ms. Magazine, providing insightful political commentary from an insider's perspective. Read her commentaries from the last year, never before available online.

Leno, Williams, Ebadi and SmealUS and Iranian Women Tell Their Governments: "Stop the War Before It Starts!" | 4.13.06
Women Nobel Laureates form initiative to recognize women's work for peace and women's rights around the world. Plus, photos from the Women's Rights Awards.
photo: AP Photo

Harvard's Kennedy School Gets $1.5 Million to Support Women in Politics |
Barbara Lee, a philanthropist who donates largely to women’s issues and programs designed to support women in politics, has given $1.5 million to The Kennedy School of Government.

Two New Worrisome Breast Cancer Reports |
Two reports appearing this week and next delivered troubling information to those concerned about women’s health. Plus, more Ms. coverage of breast cancer!

International News for International Women's Day |
In honor of International Women's Day (March 8), we have compiled a review of some of the biggest international stories in the past four months.

Budget Cuts - Women and Children First |
Ms. Money Editor Martha Burk looks at the federal budget cuts that will hurt women and children around the country.

C. DeLores TuckerRemembering Great Women |
In the past year, we've lost several truly remarkable leaders. Here are the Ms. Magazine and tributes to these inspiring figures.


Women Win Olympic Snowboarding Medals |

Lady JusticeMs. Coverage - The Supreme Court Fight |
Read Ms. magazine articles on the Supreme Court, plus web-only content from contributors and our blogs.


Pat Reuss on the Violence Against Women Act | Interview with Pat Reuss, of the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence and NOW, on the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

Frank Susman on Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court and Judge John Roberts Susman spoke with Ms. recently about threats to Roe v. Wade, the underlying notion of privacy and the Supreme Court nomination of Judge John Roberts.