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A Feminist Tea Party?
Ms. Money editor Martha Burk says that after you pay your taxes, it's time to change IRS codes that discriminate against women.

Few of us realize that the tax code in the U.S. has always favored men over women, writes Ms. Money editor Martha Burk.

The current code reduces the incentive for married women to be employed outside the home because, for one thing, she may be punished with a higher marginal tax rate. And the tax cuts passed under the Bush administration only favor the rich and corporations—which means predominately men.

Burk makes some suggestions for a feminist revamping of U.S. tax policy, including taking marital status out of the code, applying the Child Tax Credit to payroll taxes (not just income taxes), giving Social Security credit to caregivers (who are usually women) and revoking favorable tax treatments for institutions that discriminate against women.
“We’re a long way from a feminist tax policy,” she writes, “but we have to take the first steps before we can get there.” Remember, she adds, that there was a time when the income tax itself was highly controversial, and now is universally accepted.

Note to editors: Martha Burk is available for interviews.

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