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Summer Issue of Ms. magazine hits newsstands: Supreme Court Decisions Jeopardize Women's Health and Rights

In a 1-2 punch, the Bush-stacked Supreme Court handed down two landmark decisions that have severely compromised women’s health and rights in this country. The new issue of Ms. provides an in-depth analysis of these decisions and their ramifications.

Already, the Gonzales v. Carhart decision to uphold Bush’s federal abortion procedure ban has had a chilling effect on doctors, at the expense of women’s health. Ms. reveals that many doctors are shying away from performing abortion procedures that remain legal for fear they may unintentionally violate the ban and face prosecution and up to two years in prison. Instead, they perform alternative procedures that may be more dangerous, time-consuming, or painful for women. Ms. also talks to experts about the ramifications of the decision for the 2008 elections and the future of legal abortion in this country.

In a second blow to women, the court gutted federal protections against pay discrimination. Ms. looks at how the Ledbetter decision came to pass, and what feminist leaders are doing to remedy it.

The new issue of Ms. also features an in-depth report on the shadow world of sex and labor trafficking in the U.S. The Ms.. investigation finds that seven years after Congress passed the landmark Trafficking Victim’s Protection Act, the Bush Administration has consistently failed to adequately protect victims and prosecute offenders. Most shockingly, Ms. discovered that much of the federal assistance money available for victims no longer goes directly to non-profit service provides, but is instead funneled through the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Ms. reveals that The Catholic Conference requires service providers to stipulate that they won’t distribute condoms or provide abortion referrals.

The Summer issue of Ms. also includes coverage of:

  • how cosmetic surgery marketing is increasingly coopting the feminist message of self-empowerment
  • what’s behind skyrocketing birth control prices
  • new state laws that make it possible for childhood sexual abuse victims to find justice
  • the feminist roots of bluegrass music
  • how black girls are represented in the media

Note to editors: Executive Editor Katherine Spillar, Publisher Eleanor Smeal , and Ms. writers and editors are available for interviews.




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