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January 16, 2007

Erin Carmany

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"This is What a Speaker Looks Like"
Ms. on Target with Pelosi on Cover; Features Brave Women Speak Out

Ms . is the first national magazine to put Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the cover.  The winter issue of Ms. , on sale at bookstores and newsstands nationwide today, features an exclusive interview with the first woman and first self-identified feminist to serve as Speaker of the House. Pelosi tells Ms. the key role her mother played in helping her acquire political passion and savvy, and how she's always believed national security, the economy and environment are critical women's concerns.

Ms. publisher Eleanor Smeal puts Pelosi's victory into in the context of the larger increase in women's leadership in the Congress-an election outcome that was just what women hoped for, according to a new Ms. Poll. The Ms. poll, conducted by Celinda Lake , also showed that women have different priorities from men for the new U.S. Congress.

Ms. also looks behind the scenes on Capitol Hill in a feature on crusading lawyer Melanie Sloan and her organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)-a watchdog group that played a key role in exposing Congressional scandals and, therefore, affecting the outcome of the November elections. That's why Ms. called her "The Most Feared Woman on Capitol Hill."

In a remarkably candid interview with Ms. executive editor Katherine Spillar, Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission Chair Sima Samar chillingly discloses that the U.S. policy has allowed outlawed Afghan militias to remain intact, even though they continue to impose harsh restrictions on women.

 And the new issue of Ms. features:

  • A preview of feminist art shows at two major American museums, along with a glimpse at the artwork of some of the 206 international artists whose creations will be displayed;
  • A look at how employed mothers are combating job bias;
  • A feminist critique of Salma Hayek's "Ugly Betty" TV show;
  • A report on how women have become leaders in the "green building" movement;
  • An excerpt from author Barbara Ehrenreich's latest, Dancing In The Streets: A History of Collective Joy .
Ms . executive editor Katherine Spillar and Ms. publisher Eleanor Smeal are available for interviews, along with writer and attorney Justine Andronici (on combating job bias), pollster Celinda Lake, Ms. Money editor Martha Burk, Ms. columnist Donna Brazile, and writer Linda Burstyn. Interviews can be arranged with Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission Chair Sima Samar.




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