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April 23, 2007

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Spring Issue of Ms. magazine hits newsstands:
Women Rise Up To Stop Global Warming

On the heels of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that empowers the federal government to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, and a groundbreaking U.N. report from scientists warning of the devastating impacts of climate change in all regions of the world, Ms. magazine tackles the critical issue of global warming in its Spring cover story. 

Author Laura Orlando reports on promising new initiatives by leaders and activists, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Barbara Boxer and environmentalist Laurie David. These key opinion leaders as well as scientists and other experts all urge that to save the planet, individual actions – such as switching to more energy-efficient light bulbs – must be turned into a mass movement.

Accompanying the cover story is a report on another growing national movement—for environmental justice. In “The Dirty Saga of Onondaga County,” Syracuse University professor Linda Carty shows how the poor and people of color—especially women—pay the greatest price for toxic contamination.

Also in this issue of Ms., international reporter Bay Fang covers “The Talibanization of Iraq,” revealing how U.S. promises to liberate Iraq’s women have not just fallen short, but how the war has virtually erased the rights Iraqi women fought for and won decades ago. 

The Spring issue of Ms. also includes:

  • a report on how the state of Kansas proved to be a bellwether for the progressive, pro-choice turnaround in the 2006 elections
  • Money editor Martha Burk on how the income tax code discriminates against women
  • famed United Farm Workers cofounder Dolores Huerta on how U.S. immigration policies harm women and children
  • the latest on the hospital infections epidemic
  • a brand new Women’s Studies Department featuring what you can do with a  women’s studies degree
  • a remembrance of beloved writer Tillie Olsen
  • national and global news and book and DVD reviews.

Note to editors: Executive Editor Katherine Spillar, Publisher Eleanor Smeal, Laura Orlando, Linda Carty, Martha Burk, Dolores Huerta, and other Ms. writers and editors are available for interviews.



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