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Summer issue of Ms. magazine hits newsstands

Washington, DC – COVER STORY: "Crude Awakening: Why Oil is a Feminist Issue"

With the Iraq war still raging, threats of U.S. action against Iran mounting, the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan , and gas prices climbing in the U.S. , Ms . magazine's cover story explores why Big Oil has become a feminist issue.

Martha Burk , author of Cult of Power: Sex Discrimination in Corporate America and What Can Be Done About It , examines how U.S. war policies sell out women in favor of oil interests: "Whether supporting gender apartheid abroad, or sacrificing feeding programs for U.S. women and children so that ExxonMobil can get a tax break, or simply standing by while the company reaps record profits at the expense of women who must drive to work and heat their houses, U.S. priorities are consistent: Oil wins over women's rights hands down."

Noted pollster Celinda Lake reports on the new Ms . Poll showing that women are far more likely than men to want the U.S. to withdraw troops from Iraq immediately or within the year, and are more opposed to U.S. unilateral military action against Iran . Lake examines how women's attitudes toward President Bush and his handling of the war in Iraq led the way to the sea change in American public opinion.

The cover package also features an exclusive by author Linda Burstyn : "The Peacemongers: Can Nobel Laureates Help Stop a War?" Five women Nobel Peace Prize laureates including Jody Williams of the U.S. and Shirin Ebadi of Iran have called for a nonviolent resolution to the current U.S./Iran standoff.

Martha Burk, Celinda Lake, Sima Wali of Refugee Women in Development, Dr. Homa Mahmoudi of Transcultural Communications Center, and Ms. executive editor Katherine Spillar are available for interviews.


--Black Collar Crime: The Nun's Story. Author Bill Frogameni examines in-depth a ritualistic and shocking murder of a nun by a Toledo , Ohio priest Gerald Robinson, who was also accused of sexual abuses against women. The story looks at how Catholic church prelates in the diocese only released Robinson's file after prosecutors executed a subpoena. Barbara Blaine, President of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, is available for interviews.

-- Saipan Revisited . The spring cover story of Ms. on the garment industry sweatshops of the Mariana Islands , and their relationship to Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay, sparked both ire and action. Executive editor Katherine Spillar explores the latest revelations and new legislation in Congress to ameliorate the exploitive sweatshop conditions there. Spillar available for interviews.

--Sinking Ship: The Christian Coalition . The onetime political vanguard of the religious right is now awash in lawsuits, departures and debt. Bill Sizemore's report also covers how former executive director Ralph Reed was connected with Jack Abramoff.

--Thank You , Ms. Thomas. In her mid-80s, fearless White House correspondent Helen Thomas puts forth her own ideas about peace during this time of war.


--Wake-Up Call. Nancy G. Klimas, M.D., one of the nation's foremost experts on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, explores hopeful new research that shows how the disease - so heavily skewed toward women that some have dismissed it as "a woman thing" - may be connected to genetic mutations involving the immune system, brain and endocrine regulation. Nancy G. Klimas, M.D available for interviews.

--Is Your Lipstick Safe? A new California law serves as a model for other states' efforts to regulate against toxins in personal-care products, as well as nail salons.

--Politics of the Absurd in Manila . Philippine congresswoman Liza Maza, a fighter for women's rights in the country, now has to fight against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's new repressive policies in order to stay out of jail.

Editor's Note: For interviews contact Erin Carmany in Washington , DC at 703.522.4201 or duVergne Gaines in Los Angeles at 310.556.2515.




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