For Immediate Release: July 1, 2005

Erin Carmany


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SUPREME COURT OPENING: WHAT'S AT STAKE FOR WOMEN -- Abortion Rights, Contraceptives, Education and Title IX, Job Security, Family and Medical Leave and More ...

July 1, 2005 - A little-understood and endangered link unites Roe v. Wade,
the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, and Griswold v. Connecticut, the landmark 1965 decision that legalized access to birth control for married persons.

In the Ms. magazine cover story (Summer Issue), author Ellen Chesler explains that one more conservative Supreme Court justice could endanger not just abortion rights but four decades of Americans' access to contraception:

Public Triumphs, Private Rights

Based upon a cover package appearing in the Summer Issue of Ms., Chesler explores the connection between Griswold and Roe and
explains that the privacy assumptions that supported Roe emerged from

Ellen Chesler, a historian and the article's author, is available for
interviews about the Supreme Court vacancy. Author of the acclaimed
biography Woman of Valor: Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement in America, Chesler is based in New York City.

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Other articles in the Ms. cover package include:

Polling analysis by Celinda Lake (Lake can be reached at 202-776-9066):

The Polls Speak: American Support Abortion

Adapted from the National Partnership for Women and Families:

The Five Rights Women Could Lose




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