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Washington to See All Female Race for Senate

The nation could see its third all female race for the United States Senate if Republican Linda Smith, known for her tough stance on campaign donations, sweeps the Sept. 15 GOP primaries in Washington state. Smith, who is favored in the primary election, has heavily criticized political action committees and says her term will be aimed at "cleaning up the system" of special interests so that the nation's deepest problems can be solved.

Smith's Democratic incumbent opponent is Patty Murray , who President Clinton has praised for her tireless work with children and the environment. Murry faces only token primary opposition in her race to be re-elected. Democrats, anxious to improve their 45 seat minority in the 100-seat Senate, are anxious to retain Murray's seat.

The last all-woman electoral race was in Maryland in 1986.

Media Resources: AP - August 6, 1998



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