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Clinton and Others Honor Bosnian Women War Heroes

First Lady Hillary Clinton, Glenn Close and Marisa Tomei joined with nearly 200 women from the former Yugoslavia to champion women's rights and honor women war victims in post-war Bosnia. In a public letter written for the ceremonies, Clinton urged Bosnian women to cast votes in next month's election that reject "ethnic tensions of the past in favor of a united, multi-ethnic Bosnia where your families can prosper."

Close and Tomei traveled to war-torn Sarajevo on Saturday to join native actors in a production of "Necessary Targets," a play by Eve Ensler about women who were affected by the war in the former Yugoslavian province. The event also focused its attention on the issue of sexual violence in wartime. The U.N. International Criminal Tribunal ruled in 1996 that the violent rapes of Muslim women in Bosnia are gender-based war crimes.

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