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Taliban Support Waning

On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia, one of three countries that recognize the Taliban militia as the legitimate government of Afghanistan, broke diplomatic ties, citing as their reason the Taliban's sheltering of Osama bin Laden, the Saudi fugitive suspected in recent terrorist attacks on Americans in Kenya, Tanzania, Somolia, and Saudi Arabia.

The United Nations continues to pressure the Taliban regime to negotiate with political opponents and loosen stringent restrictions on women.

Afghan women are not allowed to leave their home unless accompanied by their husband or a male blood-relative. Education is no longer an option and quality health care is rare, since doctors are not allowed to touch the women.

The gender apartheid suffered by Afghan women under Taliban rule make everyday life dismal and deadly.

Mauwi Qalmuddin, deputy minister for Islamic virtues responded to criticism stating, "Contrary to all the propaganda, we want dignity for females, while the world demands indignity for them."

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