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Kansans for Life Searches for Girl Seeking Abortion

Kansans for Life has launched a search for a 14-year-old who was recently granted the right to obtain a late-term abortion in another state by the Arizona Supreme Court. The girl, who became pregnant after being raped, originally requested an abortion when she was 14 weeks pregnant, but then fled and returned only recently. She is now estimated to be 24 weeks pregnant, and was unable to obtain the procedure in Arizona.

Anti-abortion group Kansans for Life has organized a search for the girl in an attempt to stop her from going through with the abortion procedure. One of the group's members, Donna Lippoldt, organized a protest at a Wichita clinic yesterday. Lippoldt said that her group has located "private churches and private individuals who are willing to adopt" the pregnant girl if she is willing to continue her pregnancy.

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