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Statement from Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority in Response to Karen Hughes' Comparison of the Values of Pro-Choice Americans to Those of Terrorists:

Karen Hughes, calling criticism of her comments likening the values of pro-choice marchers to those of terrorists a "gross distortion," again invokes September 11th by saying, "We have been reminded [by September 11th] of the precious nature of human life."

My questions remain:

Is she prepared to defend Administration policies that are contributing to the deaths of tens of thousands of women in the developing nations by limiting access to effective contraceptives? And is she prepared to defend limiting access to condoms for men while preaching abstinence-only as the face of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa becomes a young married woman? Is she prepared to defend policies in the United States that limit access to contraceptives and preach abstinence-only sex education while contributing to the need for abortion?

Or is she simply continuing a White House policy of invoking September 11th to stifle all legitimate dissent? During the Cold War criticism was stifled with “red baiting” — are we now going to stifle criticism with “terrorist baiting”?


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