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Clinton Supports Abortion Rights

On the eve of the 25th Anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade President Clinton declared his support of abortion rights. "Iím committed to keeping abortion safe, legal and accessible and to making it more rare." Clinton has supported funding for sex education and has backed a law protecting clinics from violence. "I will continue to do everything I can to make sure that every child in America is a wanted child, raised in a loving strong family," he said.

As the Presidentís remarks were made public members of Operation Rescue were taking a public tour of the White House. Each member of the militant anti-abortion group wore T-shirts bearing a picture of an aborted fetal head, with slogans reading, "Americaís Holocaust" and "These are the children of Hillaryís village."

Although Roe V. Wade may not be in immediate danger, anti-abortion strategies to eliminate abortion in the US through restrictive laws are working. Gloria Feldt, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, commented on the increasing difficulty of gaining access to an abortion. "We could easily face a world in which the legal right to choose is very solid, but women have no access to exercise their choice if thatís what they wish to do," said Feldt.

Media Resources: Reuters - January 21, 1998



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