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Teens Deny Hate Was Motive in Gay Man's Murder

Bryan Donahue, 17, and Billy Dodge, 18, has confessed to beating Steven Goedereis to death, but now deny that they killed him because he was gay.

Donahue and Dodge are charged with second-degree murder and could face life in prison for the attack, in which Goedereis was beaten beyond recognition. His blood was found splattered on the store's awnings and the imprint of a sneaker had been pressed into his forehead.

Prosecutors argued that the attack began after Goedereis complimented the defendants on their looks and called one "beautiful." Donahue allegedly told police "The fact that he was gay upset me the most."

Defense attorneys denied that Goedereis was singled out because of his sexual orientation and claimed that Dodge believed Goedereis had been stalking his girlfriend. Donahue has claimed that the 118-pound Goedereis had attempted to rape him.

If convicted, Dodge and Donahue could face life in prison.

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