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Cyclist Protests Anti-Choice Violence With Cross-County Ride

Melissa Marin believes in abortion rights so fervently that she has agreed to bike 80 miles a day for nearly two months to raise awareness of anti-choice violence and its consequences.

Her cross-country ride is named "Keep Choice Alive" and is sponsored by the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and Medical Students for Choice (MSFC). Marin will begin cycling tomorrow in San Francisco and end on July 27 in New Hampshire. When she has finished, she will have biked some 3,750 miles.

"As I prepare for my journey across the country, though many areas that do not have a single abortion provider, I will be reminded of the struggle many women face just to exercise the right to choose," said Marin, who hopes to raise $10,000 for MSFC though her efforts.

MSFE President Jody Steinauer, M.D., commented, "Melissa's ride through much of rural America will raise awareness about one of the greatest obstacles to safe legal abortion the absence of trained providers throughout 84 percent of U.S. counties."

NARAL President Kate Michelman applauded Marin's "extraordinary" action, saying "Her dedication to the right to choose is brave, and I join the rest of the NARAL staff and the pro-choice community in wishing her a safe and rewarding trip."

Marin is no stranger to long biking treks or to social activism. She once biked the length of the Baja Peninsula and has participated in lengthy ride in support of AIDS research. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, Marin holds a Master's Degree from the Institute of Policy Studies and has worked for numerous abortion rights organizations including the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Marin's progress will be monitored on the MSFC Web site at http://www.ms4c.org.

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