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Several Girls Found Raped and Murdered in Belize

The discovery of several young girls' sexually assaulted bodies has led citizens of Belize to wonder if there is a serial killer on the loose.

After four girls, -- ranging from ages nine to 13 -- were found raped, stabbed, and strangled, mechanic Mike Williams was arrested in March. People assumed that the serial killer who committed these mutilation murders was locked away.

But when 12-year-old Jackie Fern Malic disappeared on March 22nd, both authorities and citizens questioned if there was another killer on the loose and if Williams was really the murderer.

This development has prompted authorities in Belize to conduct a full investigation, even consulting the FBI. Police have promised to identify and capture the murderer in Belize, which is typically a quiet nation "free of sex crimes and murder." Investigator Simeon Alvaraz said, "We just can't have any more dead children on our hands."

Media Resources: AP - July 27, 1999



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