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Bosnian Serb Pleads Non-Guilty to Rape and Enslavement

On Wednesday, a Bosnian Serb pleaded not guilty to raping and enslaving Muslim women in the town of Foca during the war from 1992-1995.

Former paramilitary leader and military policeman, Radomir Kovac, is charged with two crimes against humanity for crimes committed at one of Foca’s various "brothels," places where Muslim women and girls were "imprisoned and used a sexual slaves by Serb soldiers and paramilitaries." Kovac is also charged with repeatedly raping and gang-raping numerous women and girls.

Kovac is said to have operated a brother in Foca from October 1992 to February 1993. Reportedly, countless women were subjected to rape, humiliated and enslaved. If convicted, Kovac faces life in prison. This is only the third trial case dealing with rape since the Criminal Tribunal classified rape as a war crime.

Media Resources: Nando Times and Reuters - August 4, 1999



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