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MA Sex Offender Registry May End

The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled yesterday that all convicted sex offenders are "entitled to a hearing before they are listed under the stateís sex offender registry law." This means that the Sex Offender Registry Board will "have to cease and police departments will have to cease giving out any names to the public for any offenders."

Under the current law, made effective in 1996, all convicts found guilty of certain offenses are required to register with their local police department. The challenge to this law came from a man convicted on charges of child rape in 1993. The court ruled that he was not required to register until after he had received a hearing.

The chief of the government bureau in the Massachusetts Attorney Generalís office, Anne Moore, commented, "It further delays bringing information about sex offenders to parents who may want that information to take necessary steps to protect their children."

Media Resources: AP - August 12, 1999



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