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Pakistan Stops Taliban Recruits From Crossing Border

Pakistan's government announced yesterday that it has blocked religious school students from crossing the border into Afghanistan. Thousands of religious students, eager to join the ranks of the extremist Taliban regime, have traveled from Pakistan to Afghanistan in the past week.

Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz did not specify whether Afghans studying in Pakistan would also be prevented from crossing the border. He said that large groups of religious students had been turned away from the border, and that the government has promised Central Asian countries and China that it will not encourage students to join in Afghanistan's civil war.

The Taliban now controls at least 90% of Afghanistan and has imposed a strict law of gender apartheid on women. Under the Taliban's draconian decrees, women are not allowed to work, to attend school, to leave home without a close male relative as chaperone, or to be seen without wearing an all-encompassing garment called a burqa.

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