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Afghan University Stays Closed to Women

In Afghanistanís capital, Kabul University reopened on March 9 after being closed by the Islamic militia Talibanís takeover of the city in September. Women are still forbidden to attend, due to the Talibanís ban on women working or getting an education. Before the Taliban takeover, women had comprised 60% of the Universityís teachers and had made up half of the student population. The exclusion of women will significantly limit the standards of the school which had once been known among Islamic countries for its high educational standards. Upon its reopening, the University also lacked desks and books.

The newly-formed Women's Alliance for Peace & Human Rights in Afghanistan (WAPHA) staged a protest outside the State Departement on Friday afternoon, March 7 and held a conference at the George Washington University on Saturday, March 8 to call attention to abuses of women's human rights in the country and to urge the United States and the United Nations to refuse recognition of and aid to the Taliban.

Media Resources: CNN- March 9, 1997



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