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UCLA Students Arrested in Protest for Affirmative Action

A dozen UCLA law students were arrested Thursday when they took over the school's records office to demand a return to affirmative action policies in admissions. Hundreds of other law students who had attended a noon protest rally stood outside in support of those arrested.

The protesters, angered and alarmed by the fact that only 2 black students were among the 286 new law students, said they wanted a more "holistic" approach in recruiting minorities. Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa (D-Los Angeles) participated in the rally, which was in protest over the dearth in recruitment of women and minorities since the passage of Proposition 209.

Prop 209, which passed in 1996, bans state affirmative action programs in California for women and people of color in public education, public contracting and public employment. The students want more aggressive measures from the law school to counter Prop 209.

Media Resources: Los Angeles Times - February 25, 2000



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