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U of Oklahoma Professor Incites Sexual Harassment Complaint

A professor at the University of Oklahoma compared a woman's vagina to a handgun in a letter to the student newspaper this month, sparking outrage from students and faculty.

Joni Kletter wrote a column advocating gun control stating that "easy access to a handgun allows everyone in this country…to quickly and easily kill as many random people as they want."

Professor David Deming, who is a member of the NRA, wrote a response stating "I just want to point out that Kletter's 'easy access'to a vagina enables her to 'quickly and easily' have sex with 'as many random people' as she wants."

Advocates for Sexual Assault Awareness, a student group in Norman, issued a news release on Friday denouncing Mr. Deming's letter. Becky A. Hebert, an adjunct professor of human relations, filed a sexual-harassment lawsuit against Mr. Deming. A spokeswoman for the university said the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action is reviewing Hebert's complaint as well as at least six others against Mr. Deming

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