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Rape & Sexual Harassment Rampant in Canadian Military, Says Report

A report published in Maclean's, a popular Canadian news magazine, alleges that rape and sexual harassment are pervasive in the Canadian military.

Maclean's interviewed 13 military women who said they had been sexually harassed and uncovered at least 27 cases in which women were sexually assaulted by their peers or superiors. "The cases also reveal a culture -- particularly in the navy and combat units -- of unbridled promiscuity, where harassment is common, heavy drinking is a way of life, and women ...are often little more than game for sexual predators," said the report.

Two women reported being raped by men while other men laughed and looked on. "He was laughing and all the other guys were laughing.... Nobody came to help me," said one woman, who later saw another woman being forced into the same guarded room where she was raped. The second woman claimed that her superiors retaliated against her after she reported being raped.

The chief of Canada's defense, General Maurice Baril, commented on the recent report by saying that it concerned him, but that the military would not investigate crimes detailed in Maclean's report. "Changing the mentality of 90,000 people is very difficult and unfortunately I cannot order it around," he said.

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Media Resources: Reuters - May 19, 1998



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