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Israel: Court Rejects Viagra Defense in Rape

An Israel court has rejected Anatoly Vitznudel's claim that the anti-impotency drug Viagra caused him to lose control and rape a woman.

Anatoly Vitznudel admitted kidnapping the woman at knife point and driving her to a wooded area, but denied responsibility for the rape and claimed that the woman had made sexual advances toward him and given him the Viagra.

A three-judge panel rejected Vitnudel's defense but wrote that Viagra was a contributing factor in the rape. Vitnudel has not yet been sentenced.

In related news, Viagra was offered for legal sale in Japan today, only two months after the drug had been approved by health officials. The approval of Viagra was incredibly swift, given that the process usually takes several years.

Japan has yet to approve contraceptive pills for women, which have been available since the 1960s.

Media Resources: AP - March 23, 1999



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