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GOP Stifles Discussion on Abortion

In an attempt to prevent disagreement within
the Republican Party, the Bush campaign has
decided to eliminate abortion from the agenda
for party platform hearings. Abortion will not
be discussed at the two policy forums held in
advance of writing the platform, and the Bush
campaign has told the GOP platform
committee that abortion will only be discussed
in private meetings without any media. The
current GOP stance on abortion calls for a
constitutional amendment banning all
abortions, with no exceptions for rape, incest,
or the life of the mother. Bush has stated that
he does not intend to change any part of the
current abortion plank. This decision to limit
discussion on the issue reflects fear within the
GOP that their position on abortion is out of
touch with the majority of Americans and
many Republicans.

Media Resources: The Boston Globe - 16 June, 2000



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