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Women Sponsor Multi-Media Presidential Campaign Event

Last night Oxygen Network hosted the very
first "Oxygen Women's Forum" - a 90-minute
special with Vice-President Al Gore. The
special aired live on Oxygen's cable television
network, C-SPAN and New Jersey Public
Television, and was both provocative and
entertaining. Facilitated by "Pure Oxygen"
co-hosts, 150 Trenton, New Jersey women,
and on-line participants at Oxygen.com, had
the opportunity to ask the Vice-President
questions about the upcoming election.

When asked about reproductive choice, Gore
stated he would appoint Supreme Court
justices to protect a woman's constitutional
right to a safe and legal abortion. He
reaffirmed his commitment to affirmative
action, and pledged to tighten the wage gap
between the sexes. When asked if he has
considered a woman running mate, Gore
responded with an emphatic "yes I have."

The "Oxygen Women's Forum" premiered in
conjunction with befearless.com, a new
Oxygen site promoting social, political and
legal issues of interest and importance to
women. The Feminist Majority Foundation is
featured on befearless.com, and feminist.org
was promoted on-line throughout the chat.

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