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Livingston Admits to Extra-Marital Affairs

This morning, the U.S. House of Representatives began its impeachment debate. A vote could come either late today or Saturday.

If the House votes to impeach President Clinton, he will face a Senate trial that will begin next year and is likely to last several months. A two-thirds majority of the Senate must vote against President Clinton in order to remove him from office, a prospect which is possible, but unlikely.

Last night, incoming House Speaker Robert Livingston admitted in a private meeting of House Republicans that he had engaged in several extramarital affairs. Livingston was forced to come clean about the affairs after he learned that individuals were exploring his personal life.

In particular, Hustler magazine had recently offered a reward to individuals who could provide proof of affairs with Congressional members. In an interview with the Associated Press, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt revealed that four women had come forward, alleging affairs with Livingston. Flynt said that some of the women were from Livingston's home district in Louisiana, and that one lived in the Washington area.

Livingston, who revealed his adulterous affairs only when it was clear that he could no longer hide them, claimed that his affairs were completely different than Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky because, "These indiscretions were not with employees on my staff, and I have never been asked to testify under oath about them."

Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal told the Boston Globe, "The hypocrisy of the Republican right wing that is driving this impeachment is shocking."

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