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Opponents of Affirmative Action Withdraw Petition in Oklahoma

An anti-affirmative action group withdrew their ballot initiative in Oklahoma after failing to collect the required amount of valid signatures. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a challenge to the petition prior to the anti-affirmative action group's withdraw of the initiative that had been set for today.

Affirmative action opponent Ward Connerly has been campaigning through his so-called Civil Rights Initiative to prohibit affirmative action state by state. However, he is ending his campaign in Oklahoma early this year because of the lack of signatures. His group followed a motion with the Oklahoma Supreme Court on Friday to withdraw the initiative. The Tulsa World reports that the Secretary of State's office, which counts proposal signatures, said that the petition for the ballot initiative had a large number of duplicate names and addresses.

Connerly has organized similar ballot initiatives in Colorado, Missouri, Arizona, and Nebraska. Supporters of affirmative action have accused Connerly of fraudulent tactics in trying to obtain signatures for his ballot initiatives in Colorado.

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