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Jordanian Parliament Endorses Domestic Violence Bill

The Jordanian Parliament last week endorsed a family protection bill aimed at curbing the growing domestic violence problem there. This is a victory for Queen Noor and feminists in Jordan, who have long been fighting against domestic violence. Under this law, abusers could face penalties ranging from hefty fines to prison term of up to six months, according to IRIN News.

The bill also gives the authorities the power to hold abusers for 24 hours. The court would have the power to bar perpetrators from approaching so-called "safe houses" where victims are staying. Under the bill, victims could even file for financial compensation in cases of physical harm or psychological abuse. funny pictures funny images funny photos funny animal pictures funny dog pictures funny cat pictures funny gifs

The bill, which will now move to the Jordanian Senate, would also require adult family members to report any type of physical or sexual abuse and provides for the creation of mediation committees to oversee problems that occur within families, reports the Jordan Times.

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