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Betting on the Gender Gap:

Ms. Predicts Feminist Factor will be a Key Force in the High Stakes 2016 Elections

The new issue of Ms. magazine features a cover story by Katherine Spillar, executive editor, titled Betting on the Gender Gap: The High-Stakes Elections 2016. The article predicts the 2016 election will have the largest gender gap in history. “More than ever before, women have the power to elect the next president, decide the makeup of Congress … and shape the national agenda,” Spillar writes. She examines what’s behind the gender gap in voting and what’s driving voters’ choice of candidates, including an analysis of what women and men are thinking about the economy and workplace equality, abortion and health care, LGBT rights, sexual violence, the environment, and peace and security.

Moreover, Ms. predicts the feminist factor – which measures how voters’ views on feminism correlate with their choice of candidates and which Ms. first identified and named in 2012 – will emerge as a more powerful force in the 2016 elections. A recent Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll documents the growing percentage of women (60 percent) and men (33 percent) who identify as feminists. In 2012, 64% of women who identified as feminist voted for President Obama, as did 54% of men who identified as feminist. Ms. is urging election polling to include a breakout of voters’ attitudes and candidate choices by their views on feminism, in addition to breakouts by voters’ gender.

The magazine features an interview with Feminist Majority Foundation president and Ms. publisher Eleanor Smeal – who wrote the definitive book on the gender gap Why and How Women Will Elect the Next President by Harper & Row. In the interview, Smeal explains the origins of the gender gap, reflects on the past impact of the gender gap in elections, and shares her predictions on the 2016 elections.

Available for Interviews During the DNC Convention

Katherine Spillar, Ms. executive editor, and Eleanor Smeal, president of Feminist Majority Foundation, and author of Why and How Women Will Elect the Next President will be in Philadelphia and available for interviews.