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The word "feminist" still raises hackles. Is claiming this word all about age, race, and class?

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Those entering middle age are discovering--sometimes too late--that women get the short end of the stick when it comes to retirement benefits.
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Making mifepristone available in this country took decades of struggle and remains fraught with controversy.
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In the early days, there were women of color involved. The NOW board had women of color and some of the founders were women of color. But the media chose to say we were not attuned to the needs of women of color. I'm not as concerned about what people are called as about what they are doing. The issues we face are more complex now.
When I was appointed to the EEOC, women could not work in certain jobs, could not get credit. Things were simple: you've got to change the laws. In the Civil Rights movement, our goals were to get laws passed to change things on the books that were identifiably racist. But once the laws got passed, the goals were not so simple. How do we come up with a society in which everyone has the chance to be who they should be? White women need to hear what women of color have to say. Women of color have always had to listen to them. There are lots of organizations created by Asian, Latina, black women functioning in their own communities. And they don't have an easy relationship with feminism. But if there's going to be true empowerment, these organizations have to work together. It's impossible to mold all the different threads into one organization. But let's listen and argue and define a number of ways to go. If we have many women involved, we're going to have change.