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Hasta Manana Studies show that Mexican men are the least likely among their Latin American compatriots to bag the trash, scrape the dinner plates, or do the laundry. Now the Mexico City government has created a Program for Equal Participation of Women, which got off to a fierce start by calling a homemakers' strike this past July 22. It urged women to drop the mop and attend government-sponsored forums, concerts, and plays instead. Although the turnout was small (about a hundred women rallied at the events), organizers are determined; next year there'll be both a strike and a march. Program director Gabriela Delgado Ballesteros says one of the strike's biggest successes was making housework an issue in the media.

Survey Says Approximately 61 million women in the U.S. work for pay. We are decidedly a voting block, so let candidates know what you need through the AFL-CIO's Ask a Working Woman survey. By gathering the concerns of women into one collective statement, the study--to be distributed during primary season--will send a message to state and federal candidates that attention must be paid. To request a questionnaire or for info on the AFL-CIO's Working Women Conference 2000, to be held in Chicago in March, call (888) 971-9797 or check out

What Benefits Do Women Want Most?
% women who believe it's very important
% women who currently have it on their job
Equal pay for equal work
A safe and healthy workplace
Secure, affordable health insurance
Paid sick leave
Pension and retirement benefits
Punishment for sexual harassment
Protection from layoffs and downsizing
Paid leave to care for family members who are sick
Flexible hours or control over work hours
Child care
Elder care
Source: Lake Sosin Snell Perry and Associates for AFL-CIO, 1997
Doctor Discontent In a nationwide survey of 4,501 female physicians, the good news is that 84% are generally satisfied with their careers. The bad news? One in three would probably opt for a different career if they could do it all over again. The findings of the Women Physicians' Health Study reveal that the biggest complaints are not enough control over the work, too much stress, and severe on-the-job harassment. Discontent is highest among younger M.D.s.
Pregnant Pause Ever wonder what effect pregnancy leave has on your pension? A growing number of lawsuits are being brought against businesses that withhold pension credits for pregnancy-related time off. A precedent was set recently when California's Pacific Bell agreed to an estimated $25 million payout on pension claims to settle a suit. The case was initiated by Lana Pallas, who, when she applied for early retirement, was told she hadn't worked long enough: she was short by four days due to leave she had taken when her daughter was born. PacBell employees who took disability leave for other reasons weren't docked. If you think you're the victim of pregnancy discrimination, contact NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund at 395 Hudson St., N.Y., N.Y., 10014 or call (212) 925-6635.

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