Twentieth Century Foxes Twelve centenarians reflect on women' progress an offer advice.
Time Capsule Capturing the century through the objects that changed women's lives
Women on The Verge of 2000

-Just the Facts
-Word: (My) Lord
-Have You Seen This Potato?

What About Tomorrow?>by Marcia Ann Gillespie
-Go Figure: Wag Gap Wrangling
-Why the Consulting Business Is Becoming Woman Friendly
-Women Architects: If You Build It
Who Knew? A compendium of women's deeds, feats, and innovations
-Great Leaps Forward -Artswatch
Being There A look back at the events that shaped and changed America during the twentieth century
-Novel Companions: Writers on Books They Treasure

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- Activists: The Bottom Line for '99
-Liberte, Egalite, Parite
-NOW Does Hollywood
-Opinion: Abortion and Crime
-Women on the Verge of 2000
-Mexico City's Women Traffic Cops
-Opinion: Guns and Lobsters
-Indian Women Sue Canadian Feds
- Under Fire: The Year of the Gun
Throughout history, women have been associated with the items of daily life. And in this past century, many of those items have tangibly marked women's struggles and passages, underscoring both the dramatic changes and the same old setbacks. To commemorate the ebb and flow of womankind's last one hundred years in the U.S., we've created a Ms. time capsule MORE>>
Women around the globe captured headlines in 1999. Feminists and nonfeminists alike, these newsmakers made us sit up and take note MORE>>
Ms. wondered what a few of our favorite women writers might have to say about the works that have fed and inspired them.MORE>>
MANELLA STIMSON, 101: Manella Stimson started working outside the home when she was 14. Her first job was in a five and dime. MORE>>
For the first time, women weight lifters will strengthen the competitive arena of the Olympic Games MORE>>
This ad ran on the side of a 50-pound box of potatoes. MORE>>
Every 3.6 seconds, someone somewhere dies of hunger. You can help stop the clock MORE>>
In the last 100 years, there have been massive shifts in population, and as we head into the twenty-first century MORE>>
The other day a woman approached me while I stood waiting for a subway and cheerfully announced that these were our final days. MORE>>
Survey Says: Approximately 61 million women in the U.S. work for pay. MORE>>
For more than three decades, Joyce J. Scott's work in textiles, site-specific installations, and performance has garnered her worldwide acclaim. MORE>>

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