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Marleine Bastien
Jennifer Erikson +Robert Riley
Magda Escobar
Jane Fonda
Rebecca Gomperts
Naomi Klein
Barbara Lee
Yoko Ono
Sylvia Rhone
Venus + Serena Williams
The Women of Afghanistan
World Trade Center Heroes
Michelle Yeoh

Women Who Made A Difference
A few of the brave and tenacious women who left their mark on this momentous year—and one enduring female superhero.
30 Years of Ms.
A few of our words—and yours—about the magazine and its mission, and the roads we've traveled along the way.
Phantom Towers
An excerpt by Rosalind P. Petchesky

Editor's Page: Turning Point

Bold Before Her Time
Edna St. Vincent Millay's reckless life by Le Anne Schreiber

Special: An Excerpt from
Families As We Are by Perdita Houston

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Women of the Year
Actors, politicians, writers, businesswomen and everyday
heroes that stood out in 2001.

30 Years of Ms.
Where we've been and where
we're going as we cross the
threshold to thirty-something.


Bold Before Her Time
What's the story fo this bold,
red-haired poet? Get the real scoop. MORE>>
By Le Anne Schreiber



Phantom Towers: Feminist reflections on the battle between global capitalism and fundamentalist terrorism. An excerpt. MORE>>
Turning Point : A letter from Ms. editor-in-chief Marcia Gillespie.


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