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The Lady P


If you're a woman, chances are you've spent time in long public-restroom lines. And after the wait, what? How often was the stall dirty or the seat sprinkled? No, it's not always the best things that come to those who wait.

Now a Dutch firm called N.V. Royal Sphinx Gustavsberg claims it has a solution. The company wants to replace many of the wall-to-wall stalls in women's rooms with urinals. The design, known as the Lady P, was unveiled last March at a trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. It's a wall-mounted bowl that women are supposed to hover over (work those thigh muscles!) and, like our brethren, pee into from on high. The inventor is a young design engineer named Marian Loth, who created the Lady P while studying for her master's.

Royal Sphinx claims that the Lady P is more hygienic than the standard loo because you don't sit on a toilet seat. There are, however, other potential nasty-factors--hosiery brushing porcelain or a dirty floor, splashes on pants, and the sheer humiliation of bad aim. And what about the possibility of toppling over mid-act? It could take a whiz to finesse this new technology. Then there's the issue of privacy--doors are optional on the Lady P. "I really believe in the open solution, because women are quite close with each other," says Loth. "The Lady P principle is piss and go." But how many of us would much rather take the time to hang our bags, lock the door, and pee in peace?

We all hate standing in line and those dirty, overcrowded restrooms. The question is, will the Lady P create a royal flush or go straight down the drain?


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