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- What?
-Women to Watch
-Word: Intimacy
-Just the Facts
-The Naked Truth by Sondra Zeidenstein

-The Opposite of Sex
interview by Moira Brennan

-Sex Ed: How Do We Score? by Carolyn Mackler
-Morning Becomes Prophylactic
-Profile: S. Jean Emans, M.D.
-Health Notes
*Supremacy Crimes* From Jonesboro, Arkansas, to Littleton, Colorado, amid all the commentary about violence and "our" youth, the obvious common denominator remains unacknowledged. by Gloria Steinem
-What's the Deal, McBeal?
-He Gives Us the Creeps


-Taslima Nasrin: A Writer Banished
-Boldtype: Trina Robbins

-Editor's Page
-Uppity Women: Hanna Ingber
-Poetry: "Pre-emptive
" and "A Virgin's Last Day"
-Connections: Proud Granny
-Techno.fem: Buffy's New Gigabyte
-Ms. Marketplace
-Lastpage: White Noise
-No Comment (inside back cover)
*Going Ape*
Primatologist Sue Savage-Rumbaugh's daring work with bonobo apes challenges everything you may think you know about what separates us from them. by Claudia Dreifus

Kosovo, Women & War:
-Tracking a Century of War
-Cynthia Enloe and Vivian Stromberg on Militarism and Making Peace
-Igo Rogova from a Kosovar Refugee Camp in Macedonia
-Lepa Mladjenovic and Zarana Papic from Belgrade
-Women's Peace Organizations Worldwide

-Mexico Gets a Feminist Lobby
-A Venerable Women's Organization Faces Serious Charges
-Opinion: Last Rights
Rough Justice in Zimbabwe



health notes
A+ in Sex Education
Honest sex education for teens is the mission of the Coalition for Positive Sexuality (CPS), a grassroots group of students, activists, and educators. CPS has a stunningly candid Web site designed for kids who are having sex or are just curious about it. Its theme is choice. A frank glossary demystifies terms such as "cumming," "BDSM," and "clit." From there, curious Gen Yers can explore the list of books, phone numbers, and Web sites on lesbian and gay groups, STD tests, abortion services, and condom vendors. Access CPS at or write to 3712 North Broadway, #191, Chicago, Ill. 60613, for a copy of the "Just Say Yes" sex education pamphlet.
Thanks, Doc
In a recent report from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 60% of U.S. abortion patients described their treatment as excellent, a higher satisfaction rate than that of women who had had other outpatient surgeries. Further evidence of appreciation: 96% of abortion patients said they would recommend their doctor to a friend.
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