aug sept 99
- What?
-Women to Watch
-Word: Intimacy
-Just the Facts
-The Naked Truth by Sondra Zeidenstein

-The Opposite of Sex
interview by Moira Brennan

-Sex Ed: How Do We Score? by Carolyn Mackler
-Morning Becomes Prophylactic
-Profile: S. Jean Emans, M.D.
-Health Notes
*Supremacy Crimes* From Jonesboro, Arkansas, to Littleton, Colorado, amid all the commentary about violence and "our" youth, the obvious common denominator remains unacknowledged. by Gloria Steinem
-What's the Deal, McBeal?
-He Gives Us the Creeps


-Taslima Nasrin: A Writer Banished
-Boldtype: Trina Robbins

-Editor's Page
-Uppity Women: Hanna Ingber
-Poetry: "Pre-emptive
" and "A Virgin's Last Day"
-Connections: Proud Granny
-Techno.fem: Buffy's New Gigabyte
-Ms. Marketplace
-Lastpage: White Noise
-No Comment (inside back cover)
*Going Ape*
Primatologist Sue Savage-Rumbaugh's daring work with bonobo apes challenges everything you may think you know about what separates us from them. by Claudia Dreifus

Kosovo, Women & War:
-Tracking a Century of War
-Cynthia Enloe and Vivian Stromberg on Militarism and Making Peace
-Igo Rogova from a Kosovar Refugee Camp in Macedonia
-Lepa Mladjenovic and Zarana Papic from Belgrade
-Women's Peace Organizations Worldwide

-Mexico Gets a Feminist Lobby
-A Venerable Women's Organization Faces Serious Charges
-Opinion: Last Rights
Rough Justice in Zimbabwe


ahhhh, sex
The Naked Truth
One woman's determined journey to self-expression and sexual autonomy

> by Sondra Zeidenstein

The Opposite of Sex
A provocative conversation about society with Leonore Tiefer, a sex therapist who questions all the assumptions
> interview by Moira Brennan

Sex Ed: How Do We Score?

Pleasure, power, pregnancy prevention: the surprising truth about what kids are--and are not--being taught in school
> by Carolyn Mackler
buffy sainte marie
There's a low, mysterious hum rising from the corner of Buffy Sainte-Marie's hotel room MORE>>
If you're a woman, chances are you've spent time in long public-restroom lines. MORE>>
Intimacy. The state of being intimate, innermost, essential. Honesty. Sexual relations MORE>>
 sex ed
Honest sex education for teens is the mission of MORE>>
Three new books you can read and discuss online with Ms. editors! MORE>>
heat wave
Heat Wave: A letter from Ms. Editor-in-Chief, Marcia Ann Gillespie MORE>>

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