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Post Abortion Stress Syndrome
Anti-abortion advocates say abortions cause debilitating stress. Find out what you need to know about their campaign.

Ms. Goes to College
Wanna know what college is like for a feminist? We go to the source with essays by students.

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A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers
After losing much of her family to the Khmer Rouge, one woman fights against land mines and her own demons.

Where is the Love?
Maybe the world needs a Black Love Day, according to the author of this provacative essay.

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Academic Discrimination Lives On

Why would California artist Nicolino plan to string 20,000 bras across the Grand Canyon? Art needs no reason. What would he do after the National Park Service said no way? He hadn't a clue. So he offered to give the bras away: "Nicolino has moved on," he declared with third-person resolve. Artist Emily Duffy wanted the hand-me-downs. She had a vision: she'd hook them together and wrap them around and around, like a ball of yarn. Nicolino loved the idea — maybe a little too much. He rescinded the offer to give away the bras and decided to just build a ball himself (so much for moving on). Hands off, said Duffy, that's my idea. Then the race began. Nicolino set to work with his 20,000 bras, while Duffy e-mailed 150 of her friends and family asking for bra reinforcements. That was in January. Within weeks, word spread and 7,000 bras arrived chez Duffy from around the world. By May, her Bra Ball was just over three feet high — and copyrighted. Her cups runneth over. Nicolino, meanwhile, has a Big Giant Bra Ball. And both artists are still at it. Duffy is recruiting more bras to bring her ball to five feet four inches, the height of the average woman in the U.S., so send your "support" to P.O. Box 1555, El Cerrito, CA 94530.

Visit her Web site at

-Jennifer Block

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