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Hillary Rodham ClintonFirst, let's chat about genitals. New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's wife Donna Hanover planned to star in The Vagina Monologues. Then the mayor developed prostate cancer, which isn't exactly an ailment of the foot. Next, Giuliani announced he had "a special friend" whom he would lean on during these genitally trying times and jettisoned his marriage via press conferences. Then, consoled by his new lover, Giuliani also jettisoned the New York senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton, handing it over to Long Island Representative Rick Lazio. Bill Clinton's parts, well, we just know too much about that subject. Only Hillary has kept her body private, unless you count that paparazzi-snapped, telescope-lens photograph of her and Bill slow-dancing on a beach in their bathing suits, shortly before she learned that he hadn't been "counseling" Monica. Unfortunately, this fleshy backdrop has been a distraction from the historicity of Hillary Clinton's bid for the Senate.

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