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You're the Inspiration>>>Did you know that women account for only 9.6% of all U.S. engineers? The Women in Engineering Programs & Advocates Network is hoping that female college students will find encouragement through MentorNet, a growing e-mailŠ based mentoring program that pairs female students with professionals working in the science and technological industries. It hopes to provide positive role models, boost student confidence, establish networks, and widen access to the professional community. Find out if MentorNet is available at your school or sign up to inspire a future engineer at

Elder Care Help>>>Trying to balance the demands of work and care for an elderly loved one can be a stressful challenge. Of unpaid elder caregivers in the U.S., 72% are women, and two thirds of them are working full- or part-time outside the home, in addition. The U.S. Department of Labor's Women's Bureau offers a concise guide to services and helpful information. Work and Elder Care: Facts for Caregivers and Their Employers discusses home health aides, money managers, family and medical leave, telephone reassurance systems, and legal assistance. It's available at or by calling (800) 827-5335.

Hi-ho, Hi-ho...>>>A Catalyst study of dual-career couples found that women and men agreed in nearly identical percentages (67% of women, 69% of men) that even without the financial need to do so, they would continue to work. Rise and Shine!

Color My Future>>> Grab those crayons and a copy of Painting Our Way to a Better Future and you've got some powerful tools for breaking kids' stereotypes about "women's work." The 25-page coloring book is put out by Hard Hatted Women, a nonprofit organization working to educate, train, and assist women in acquiring jobs, especially those considered "nontraditional." Captions like, "I'm really proud of my grandmother. She has been a heavy equipment operator for many years" accompany drawings of women police officers, carpenters, and tile and iron workers. Proceeds from the book benefit Hard Hatted Women. Obtain a copy ($7 plus shipping and handling) by calling (216) 961-4449 or visit

Where's the Fairness in This?>>>The wage gap is closing, but at a rate of less than half a penny a year since 1963. Think that's bad? You'll be even more fired up when you find out what that gap will cost you. Go to the AFL-CIO's new Web site, where you'll discover you might be losing over one million dollars in the course of your lifetime. The site lists ways to help make sure pay equity is a national priority.