The Activist Issue:
Keeping the Flame Alive
Take inspiration from the lives and work of six women whose passion for justice and commitment to their communities make the world a better place for all.
- Kitchen Table Candidate: Winona LaDuke
-Speak Truth to Power: Kek Galabru, Wangari Maathai, Senal Sarihan, Maria Teresa Tula
- Street Fighting Woman: Cheri Honkala
- Mementos of a Movement: Memorabilia of the suffragist movement

-Word: Bush

Honey, Disney Shrunk the Kids
What's in your child's VCR these days? We asked progressive parents and their kids what they watch. The answers might surprise you.
Dorothy Roberts talks about reproductive rights in black and white.
Women and Venture Capital: Women vie for a place in the world of high-tech venture capital.

Work Notes: Grrl power to Scotland ASAP and more
Editor's Page: Making Mischief

Ms News

TECHNO.FEM: Digital Divide

-Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now?, by Angela Dillard
- Toy Guns, by Lisa Norris
- Boy Still Missing, by John Searles
- Nickel and Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich
- Women and Popular Music, by Sheila Whiteley

-First Person: Give Me Shelter
-Columns: Daisy Hernandez, Patricia Smith and Gloria Steinem
Call for Woman of the Year
Tell us who you think should be recognized in this special issue.

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Syndicated sex columnist; author of The Kid: (What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant) An Adoption Story (Plume 2000)

Its me, my boyfriend, and our son who is three — so we show him videos about how he doesn t have to put down the toilet seat, ever. He likes Bear in the Big Blue House and Thomas the Tank Engine. Hes a butch little boy. It's the curse of gay parents. The lesbian couple gets the little girl who wants to be a princess and wear makeup and the moms who've never worn makeup suddenly have to deal. When I was his age, I wanted to be a princess and wear makeup and he wants to watch Thomas the Tank Engine. We're hoping he goes right from Thomas to Stephen Sondheim, skipping over Disney entirely.