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You say that bush is the name of our new president? I say that bush is something I have between my legs, and I can get rid of it if I want to. We have the power! Get in the shower and repeat after me: no more Bush! These were my words when I launched an e-mail protest on December 27 to a few friends and family members. As a woman, an editor, and the cofounder of an online magazine dedicated to promoting female technological innovators, I had a responsibility to begin an electronic campaign to take back the word that has been on everybodys lips since early November. An excerpt:

In the shower I began softly chanting no more bush, no more bush, no more bush . . . over and over again until I was in a mantra/trancelike state. I reached for the Lady Schick, a slick bar of handmade soap, and before I knew it, there was no more bush. Completely shaven, I stood in the shower laughing. I laughed until I cried, and then it hit me: women are probably going to be the most affected by this faux-lection. Why then dont we do something that will show our disapproval for the recent decision. The way I see it: one close shave deserves another!

I'd been sad, searching, giddy — needing badly to laugh. I looked down, identified something that was mine, and decided that while I still had control over it, I would make it my statement. As the U.S. was readying itself to say hello to its new president, there in the shower, I'd said good-bye to bush. The campaign, completely self-funded, spread like wildfire via Al Gore's Internet. I was inundated with e-mails from around the globe. I was interviewed on TV, radio, and the Web. The media had another bush to contend with and it was mine, baby! I was the true Independent! Third Wave, Third Party Candid-Date! The personal was once again political, and it lived between my legs.

Cheers, acceptance, support, and Right on! messages are still coming from all over the world. Men and women are shaving it off. Here we stand, united in our grievances, freshly shorn, with the pelvic regions of ten-year-olds (and a child shall lead them) to prove that we have the power to get rid of it. A protest in its most simple and naked form.

On January 20, 2001 (Take Your Son to Work Day), America's Bush was soaking wet. But the reappearance and power of that Bush in the White House will be nothing compared to the disappearance and power of this bush in the shower. So let it be written! So let it be gone! Bush (or lack of) will always be a reminder. A symbol. A piece of performance art that made us laugh at a time when we needed it most, putting power back into the hands of the people. Bush is not our president. Bush is our precedent. A paradox. A life theme. Control and chaos all at once.

I love bush. I hate Bush. For the next four years we will eat, sleep, drink, think about, blame, complain about, point fingers at, put fingers in, loathe, salivate over, start wars because of, shave, trim, grow, be embarrassed by, erect statues to, try to support, hide, proudly display, abandon, hiss at, pull at, burn in effigy, try to prove guilty, fill with lies, seek truth from, investigate, write about, laugh at, sanctify, cry because of . . . BUSH.
B Emily Hofstetter is a writer, cofounder, and editor of